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I started in photography about 40 years ago, back in the dark ages when we used something called "film" and a "Photoshop" was where we bought cameras and film. We didn't even know the word, "digital." We had to work the magic with a camera not a computer. We then went home and spent hour upon hour in a "dark" room. My brother, Kip, and I started a photography business that we ran out of our house. Mom's utility room was our dark room and the kitchen sink was where we washed film and prints. Sometimes for days on end mom couldn't do the laundry because we held the utility room hostage while we printed photos. We did all types of photography; sports, portraits, kids, families, holidays and nearly every other type of photography. We did work for the school and for a couple of local newspapers.


After a few years, we both got married, had kids, and just got busy with life so I put the photography business on the back burner. We both remained hobbyist photographers, and I have tens of thousands of photographs in trunks and boxes in our house. For years, I was a hold out as far as digital photography was concerned. I wasn't pleased with the quality and resolution of digital pictures until the technology got the images close to or as good as film. I guess you could say I was a "film snob." I just like clear, clean, crisp photos. Well, technology finally caught up, and I got back in the game but was still was only shooting as a hobby. 


Recently, our daughter started a clothing accessory business and she asked me to do some photo shoots for her. She had me doing product shots for ads and a few modeling shots when I was available. As things sometimes go, I caught the bug again.  After some prodding from my daughters and my wife, I decided to get back into the business. Thus, Gary Henry Photography was reborn. 


I love photography. I always have. Since I was a 14-year-old kid who borrowed dad's old Yashica 35mm camera, I have had the bug. I guess it's partly because photographs preserve our memories. Next to our minds photographs are the best records of our lives. All the moments, both good and sometimes bad, are all special moments. Moments we cherish almost as much as life itself. Photos capture that moment, so we will always remember. Photos freeze time. Think about it, whenever tragedy strikes and someone's home is destroyed by fire, flood or tornado, next to their family and pets, what is the one thing they grab if they can, or wish they had saved if they could...their photos. Most everything else in life can be replaced. Photos are what we use to document those special memories later in life. That's why I love photography. That's why I love being a photographer. I would love to be your photographer.  


Gary Henry

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